VIII CUCS Conference - Florence 2024
University and Cooperation: Contemporary Challanges
12th-14th September 2024

Research, education, territorial cooperation and scientific diplomacy.

The Conference

The VIII conference of the CUCS network ‚Äď University Coordination for Development Cooperation, will be convened by the University of Florence from 12 to 14th September 2024.
This conference aims to comprehensively examine, from a comparative and transdisciplinary standpoint, the manifold challenges confronting the sphere of cooperation. Cooperation is understood as the collaboration among stakeholders from diverse contexts, possessing equal rights and responsibilities, all working toward equitable and sustainable development in the modern world.
A series of critical occurrences ‚Äď ranging from pandemic emergencies, the disintegration of traditional social systems, and a pervasive urbanization trend in the Global South, to climate-induced catastrophes, energy crises, and shortages of essential resources ‚Äď has starkly illuminated the
fundamental vulnerability of our socio-economic and ecological frameworks. These vulnerabilities are evident within a development paradigm still primarily focused on quantitative growth objectives.
Simultaneously, the global geopolitical landscape is in a state of profound instability and potential reconfiguration. The ascendant influence of emerging economies (e.g., BRICS) has initiated a redefinition of power dynamics on a global scale and the very essence of collaborative efforts.
Within this intricate context, international cooperation necessitates a redefinition of its goals and foundational values. It must equip itself with new interpretative frameworks, cultivate innovative methodologies commensurate with the challenges at hand, and serve as an effective tool in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Essential to this endeavor is the pivotal role and responsibility of scientific research. Scientific inquiry has the potential to generate high-level innovation and knowledge that can inform immediate decisions and inform long-term policies and
strategies. Additionally, education is crucial for disseminating innovative knowledge and practices, enhancing local development capabilities. Equally important is the network of relationships among all territorial stakeholders involved in cooperation processes, including institutions and the academic scientific community.
The VIII CUCS conference presents a significant opportunity for the exchange of ideas and discussions among more than 50 participating universities on these critical themes and action oriented perspectives.

Call for Sessions (concluded)

The Conference invites proposals for concurrent sessions from potential contributors. Each proposal should encompass a title, abstract, keywords, ERC sector classification, and language preference.
The call for sessions ended on 15.02.2024. The language of the conference are Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Call for Abstracts (concluded)

The Call for Abstracts for the VIII CUCS Conference is now open and we invite to submit an abstract for one or more sessions.

For purely indicative purposes, the sessions are grouped into 7 macro-areas, based on the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: health; training and education; cooperation models; tangible and intangible cultural heritage; climate changes; social inclusion, migration and equal opportunities; ecological transition.
The list of sessions can be downloaded here: (Sessions List)

The abstract must be forwarded using the form available on the CUCS Firenze 2024 website. Please provide the following information:

  • an email address (in the case of multiple proponents, add the email address of the first one);
  • the name, last name and affiliation (in the case of multiple proponents, add name, last name and
    affiliation of each one);
  • the chosen session (i.e. the number and title corresponding to the session in the list available on the
    web site);
  • the title of the abstract;
  • an abstract of minimum 200 ‚Äď maximum 350 words.

The deadline for the Call for Abstracts expired on 31st  May 2024.
The languages of the conference are: Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Congress Proceedings

We inform you that the papers presented at the VIIIth edition of the CUCS Congress will be published in the JUNCO magazine upon evaluation by the respective session coordinators.